Chiropractic Works


Thank YOU  !

Thank you for your knowledgeable, empathetic care as I search for solutions to stay healthy and work-out despite my challenges with scoliosis and arthritis.  You have been a great help to me in clarifying my choices and keeping me mobile which  is my primary goal!

Helen Alexander 


Comfortable Situation

Dr. Chris initially had back x-rays taken.  That revealed a slight curve in my lower spine, which explained my constant problem with lower back pain.  No physician had ever suggested that before.  Dr. Chris made the necessary adjustments to get my spine back in the correct position, and then suggested periodic visits to check on it, and if no further adjustments were needed, at least apply treatment to relax my back muscles.  Since I am busy with gardening and other activities, it is easy for me to pull a back muscle and create problems.  My regular sessions have helped me maintain a comfortable situation, as well as caused me to be more conscious of what I should and should not do, and how to take better care of my back in order to avoid problems.

Dr. Chris is one of the most caring and helpful medical professionals in my experience!  Visiting the office is always a pleasant experience.  I appreciate the friendly atmosphere.  It is comfortable, clean, and very professional. 


Don Karvelis

Palm Springs 

  Helped Me Immensely!

     I came to Dr. Chris a couple of years ago with chronic lower back problems.  He patiently sat down with me to explain, in laymen terms, what the problems were.  He methodically went through the X ray and MRI findings and made sure I understood exactly what my condition was and various treatment options.  I love his calm and methodical manner.  I come in about twice a month and before each treatment Dr. Chris and I sit down for an update on any new developments.  Dr. Chris displays an amazing knowledge; he gets the big picture and has helped me to connect the dots.  What I have learned from Dr. Chris is.............. there is not always a readily available answer but there is usually a reason for whatever the symptoms are, self diagnosis is not always the best way to approach it.   Awareness of a symptom and the ability to discuss it with a health care professional are key.  Dr. Chris has helped me immensely; I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone     .       


Larry H.

Palm Springs

  Pain Free!

 I have had a great experience with Dr. Rapoff from the start.  I walked into his office worried about the new pain in my neck and low back following an auto accident and was also feeling depressed about what little range of motion I had in that moment.  Being a yoga teacher, I am used to feeling strong, flexible and at ease on a daily basis.  I was feeling none of those the day I walked into Chiropractic Works.  Dr. Rapoff assured me right away that he would come up with a treatment plan to first get me out of pain, then work on getting my range of motion back and ultimately to work towards rehabilitation.  I trusted what he said and I knew I was in good hands.  In just a few months of regular treatments and home practices he suggested, the reverse curve in my neck is now gone and my cervical spine has a gorgeous curve back in it!  Dr. Rapoff’s treatment plan for me is indeed working!!   I love his thoroughness as a doctor, and also his calm demeanor, sincerity and kindness.  It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Rapoff.  I am so grateful and thankful for the help and good care he’s given me.


 Jennifer F. 

Thank You!

Dear Dr. Chris and the Staff of Chiropractic Works

I want to take this time to express my most deepest gratitude for the work you have done on my back, my neck and my spirit.  I have lived with the pain since I was a child, I was told it was growing pains, I have been hit by a car, dumped by a horse and have survived several crash’s while training horses and lived through a very serious crushed when a horse broke training ran into a barn with a cart and flip over on top of me. I began to slowly lose my strength and flexibility and with that gaining weight became a big problem.  I have struggled with all of this for years.  But my last accident while moving in April of 2010 and with my lupus flaring up this was the final straw.  Not being able to even move to get out of bed I was very depressed.  I will never forget the day as I sat crying in Christopher’s office thinking I would never get past the pain.  Dr. Rapoff took the time to sit me down and explain the procedure and the process of which we would be taking.  These words still ring in my ears “The Tools of Wellness will make the World of Difference”.

I believe that Dr. Rapoff not only saved my life but gave me back a better one.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge, not only have I gained an inch in height but I have been given a gift of flexibility and I have so far lost 12 pounds and my positive attitude has returned.  I know that this was not an easy challenge but you guided me all the way and I can never say thank you enough. I am so happy to be part of your program and look forward to more success as I learn more about the tools of wellness.



Roxanne Mishler

Big Horse Carriage Co.

Feeling Great!!

 Dear Dr. Chris,

I came to you with back injuries from a 1986 motorcycle accident. I have been treating with chiropractors since 1989 after my physician told me there was no hope for relief from the constant pain that I suffered. I was in constant lower back, hip, neck, shoulder, and left leg pain. During the extensive exam, we found that in addition to the damaged lumbar and cervical vertebras, that I have arthritis.

The treatment plan you developed for me provided for adjustments followed by heat or cold therapy, stretching exercises and a suggestion that I shed some weight. It is now almost a year since we started working together. The quality of care you provide is what keeps me coming back. Since moving to the desert in 2003, I have visited a series of chiropractors, none of whom could match the skill level of my chiropractor in Los Angeles, who treated me for 14 years, that is, until I met you.

These days I am down 14 pounds (except for the temporary 5 lbs I seem to have magically added for the holidays<G>). My energy level is much improved and I can now walk, lift, and sit much more comfortably. Your advice about stretching and encouragement to exercise has led to daily walks, stretching and yoga classes at the gym. I am much more active these days thanks to your care and my overall sense of well being has improved dramatically.

 I always enjoy my visits to your office because I can depend on feeling great when I leave.

Thanks Dr. Chris!

William W. 

Relief Quite Quickly!


My partner and I have been seeing Dr. Rapoff for quite some time for regular health maintenance and spinal care.  I started going because of a spinal compression injury from lifting weights.  I had been seeing another chiropractor for treatment of this injury for an extended period of time and had not had any relief.  After seeing Dr. Rapoff for treatment I started to get relief quite quickly.  He took the time to get to know me and my injury and suggested a course of treatment that was very successful.  Since then my partner and I have been regular patients ever since and we are both thrilled with the ongoing health benefits we gain from Dr. Rapoff’s exceptionally skilled care.


Murray B. and Scott J.


 I have been to many Chiropractors over the last few years, but Dr. Chris is the first one who took the time to take x-rays and show me where the problems are that cause pain and imbalance in my neck and back.  Then he suggested a plan of treatment and care that would hope to alleviate these problems.  By working with Dr. Chris over a three month period, I am pain free from headaches and neck and lower back pain. 

At grateful Patient:

 Patrick T.