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Medicare Information



Q.  How do I meet the $185 deductible for Medicare?

 Beginning on January 1 of each year, you may use the first $185of all your “allowable” medical charges to meet your yearly Medicare deductible.  (You may include charges from other doctors to meet your deductible).  You must meet this deductible before  Medicare will reimburse you for any charges.

 Q.  I have a supplemental Insurance policy, what do I do?

 A.   Each Medicare supplemental insurance policy pays different percentages of your doctor’s bills.  After Medicare receives notice of your care with Dr. Rapoff, they will issue an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to your supplemental insurance carrier.  Your carrier will then determine payment if applicable.

 Q.  What is the difference between Medicare Part A and Part B?

 A.  The Medicare program is divided into two parts:  Part A (Basic) coverage is for hospital services and related care.  Part B (Supplemental medical Insurance) covers medical services by physicians, Chiropractors, outpatient hospital services, out-patient physical therapy services, ambulance services, durable medical equipment and independent laboratory services.  You MUST have Part B coverage if you seek reimbursement for Chiropractic services.

 Q.  How do I submit my bills to Medicare for reimbursement?

 A.   As of September 1, 1990, you no longer have to handle the necessary paperwork for Medicare reimbursement.  The physician that treated you MUST submit his/her charges directly to Medicare for you on an approved claim form in order for you or your physician to receive reimbursement for covered services.

 Note:  Dr. Rapoff is a Non-participating provider for Medicare.  This means that the patient pays Dr. Rapoff for services at time of treatment and then receives reimbursement directly from Medicare, usually in 3-4 weeks.