Chiropractic Works

Blood Testing

Are you one of the unfortunate individuals who do not have health insurance, or are you just checking your blood work for peace-of-mind without having to schedule an appointment with your MD?  If so, we just may have an answer for you.  Chiropractic Works has partnered with Professional Co-op Services, (PCS), to offer low cost laboratory testing for our patients.  This is a viable alternative to costly lab testing done elsewhere with turn-around times averaging 1-3 days.  In addition, there are an unlimited number of tests available including low-cost Blood work Panels.  In order to keep the cost to a minimum, this service is performed on a cash only basis (credit cards are accepted).  We will not bill your insurance company for reimbursement.   Please call the office for information about specific tests for your needs and the cost of the test.  Just follow the steps as listed below to take advantage of this great, inexpensive service.  All blood draws are performed at

 LabCorp, 555 Tachevah Drive, Suite 3E-103 & 104, Palm Springs, CA  92262

(Las Palmas Medical Plaza)

Steps to Follow:

  1. Come to the Chiropractic Works office to receive the necessary paperwork to present to LabCorp at the time of your blood draw.  At this time, You will also pay for your blood test(s) at Chiropractic Works.
  2. Go to LabCorp(address mentioned above) to have your blood professionally drawn.  No appointment is necessary. 
  3. 1-3 days after the blood draw you will receive a call from Chiropractic Works notifying you that your results are in.  Lab results will remain strictly confidential as per HIPAA federal guidelines.  You can either pick up the results or we can mail/fax/email them to you.

NOTE:  Chiropractic Works is not responsible for interpreting the results of your test, or offering an opinion for treatment options as a result of your laboratory findings.  This facility is merely offering an inexpensive alternative for laboratory services.